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A key component to our company is our rental division. We supply virtually every piece of equipment needed to put on an event. You’re not just utilizing any product from any rental company. We proudly manufacture the majority of our rental equipment. We are a parts house, whatever we dont have we will make!

We carry a large supply of equipment ready to go on a moments notice. Let us be your one and only call when you are in need. If you are looking for ADA ramps, barricades, rolling risers, seating platforms, staircases, truss grids, spot towers, we have it all. If you have an event in the works or are still in the planning phases of your project, our team is here to help you out. Let us be your one stop shop for any equipment you may need.


Our rental department can also assist in a variety ways. We have a vast range of experience in every type of event possible. These can include; but are not limited to, concerts, festivals, trade shows, world tours, expos, red carpet events, private events, weddings, product launches, and many other types of events.

With high demand for a vast variety of events, our gear has to stand up to all types of expectations, as well as our own. All of our in-house manufactured equipment is designed to with stand any wear and tear that mother nature dishes out.

Gear Stress Test

Most of our manufactured equipment is made of quality 6061-T6 aluminium; a highly weldabel and structurally sound material that is made to withstand loads of stress, making the lifespan of our gear a very long and sturdy one. Our standard 4'x8' walls can hold up to 24,000 lbs. (+1 Client), our standard 4'x8' decks hold a record of 10,500 lbs.

Deck Stress Test
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